Behavioral Insights adheres to the highest quality standards set forth by worldwide professional codes of practice.
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Our Mission is to
provide you with the
knowledge, insight and
guidance to help you
achieve your marketing
and business objectives
through the execution of
intelligent, creative global

Why do some of the world's leading companies partner with Behavioral Insights to achieve their marketing research objectives?

• Industry Knowledge - gathered over many years of researching and working closely with some of the worlds leading companies

• Research Design & Analytics - skills, tools and knowledge drawn from the disciplines of Business Psychology and Marketing Research

• Cultural Insight - we've conducted studies cross-culturally in North America, South American, Europe and Asia

• Reporting that Inspires Action

• Project Management that frees you to focus on your key marketing issues - Standardized quality control across multi-country studies

• Confidence in Reaching your Target Audience - We have proven experience in accessing difficult to recruit respondents across various cultures:

o CIO’s
o CEO’s
o Physicians/Medical Specialists
o Line of Business Executives
o IT Managers
o Consumers

• Single point of contact throughout project lifecycle

An understanding of individual market nuances is key for constructing research that delivers the insight you need from your global marketplace. In the design stage of each project, Behavioral Insights carefully considers screening criteria, geographical coverage, data collection methods, length of interviews etc. to allow for cultural differences.

Our staff are sensitive to local conditions, religious beliefs and holidays and how these factors affect the research design as well as timing and execution of a project.

Global research can be a challenging task,
one that requires more than just local
marketplace knowledge. It requires
an understanding of how to apply the
best qualitative methods and techniques in a culturally sensitive way and yet still
allow for the comparison of results
across markets. It also requires access
to a high quality network of global
companies that will provide you with
the best local moderators in each
country, highly trained simultaneous
translators and facilities.

Behavioral Insights utilizes the most innovative methods and techniques to get at the core marketing issue. We also have a strong, well-established global network of
companies to assist you with your
international marketing research needs.
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