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Each of our comprehensive systems combines unparalleled consulting expertise, state-of-the -art scientific research, and sophisticated technology.
Many critical organizational outcomes, including employee turnover, quality improvements, and financial performance, are often related to attitudes towards the organization. Your ability to evaluate such factors as customer satisfaction, employee perceptions, and company morale can be essential to your organization's success.

Organizational surveys allow your company's leaders to "take the pulse" of your organization, its members and customers, and subsequently establish benchmarks for progress and change.

Behavioral Insights possesses the technology and experience to survey your organization on a worldwide basis, to provide feedback and facilitate organizational action planning. Our consultants will collaborate with your management team to design reliable and valid surveys that achieve results in the most cost-effective manner.

Whether you are targeting as few as 50, or as many as 50,000 respondents, our customized services can assist your organization with all aspects of the survey process, from specifying goals to reporting results. In addition, our clients can choose from a full range of state-of-the-art survey administration options, including Internet and telephonic platforms.

To view a sample of our on-line survey and reporting capabilities, please email us to obtain an access code.

Organizational surveys can help
your company:

Define the company climate and culture
Assess reasons for turnover and retention
Perform "cultural due diligence" during mergers and acquisitions
Build a corporate-wide value system
Link employee attitudes to bottom-line business results
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