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Multi-source assessment, popularly referred to as 360-degree assessment, is being embraced by organizations at an accelerating rate. As its name implies multi-source assessment analyzes employee performance and development from multiple points of view, including supervisors, peers, subordinates, and customers.

Knowledge of how a person is perceived by others can have a significant impact on a person, especially when such information is derived from credible work associates. Common applications of multi-source assessment include, but are not limited to, motivating employee behavior change, supporting cultural changes, reinforcing team behaviors, and career development.

Behavioral Insights offers customized multi-source feedback processes that allow individuals to gather feedback about their performance in areas determined to be critical for success. All of our multi-source instruments solicit feedback on competency models that have been specifically tailored to targeted individuals in your organization. We create flexible systems that can be administered in paper-and-pencil format, over the Internet, or through your company's intranet. We coordinate the entire process, including the distribution of surveys, computation of results, providing customized feedback, and creation of developmental action plans. With the administrative burden removed, your resources can be devoted to transforming the results into real behavioral change.

To view a sample of our on-line survey and reporting capabilities, please email us to obtain an access code.

Multi-source feedback can help your company:

Identify individual and organizational development needs
Measure managerial talent
Add multiple perspectives to performance appraisal evaluations
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