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The challenge of establishing job requirements is becoming increasingly complex as the corporate world becomes more competitive. Nonetheless, identifying a precise set of competencies required for each job is the first step toward creating a competent workforce, capable of meeting mission-critical demands of your organization.

Job competency assessment is a breakdown of general job functions into specific activities essential to successful performance. Each activity is analyzed to determine the human behaviors or personal characteristics that determine successful completion of that activity. Job competency assessment provides valuable information for a variety of human resource functions, including recruitment, selection, placement, performance appraisal, training and development, and succession planning.

All of our applications are founded on the most advanced competency-based methodologies. Although we have developed competency models for a number of organizations, spanning industries and job types, we purposively customize each job competency study for a particular organization. This philosophy allows us to identify specific, and sometimes unique, competencies that lead to outstanding individual performance in your organization.

Competency modeling can help your

Change its corporate culture
Standardize practices across departments, countries, etc
Align company goals and vision with
actual processes and practices
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