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Used in World War II to select secret agents, the assessment center technique has been used successfully in business for decades. It is perhaps one of the most effective methods to accurately and reliably assess an individual's skills.

An assessment center is not a place, but a method. It uses multiple techniques, and multiple observers to evaluate an individual's skills and abilities. The techniques can include interviews, group and individual simulations (role plays), in-basket exercises, problem analysis exercises, personality tests, etc.

At Behavioral Insights, we recognize the power that such a technique can have on behavioral change. We also recognize that traditional assessment centers can be very costly. We have developed unique alternatives that reduce the cost to our clients without sacrificing any of the power of the technique.

The assessment center technique can be used to::

Identify global leaders
Play a key role in the promotional decision making process
Provide valuable career development planning information
Serve as a forum for accelerated skill building
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