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intelligent, creative global

Marketing Insights through Quantitative Research Methods

Validating, verifying, and measuring needs, wants, and behaviors to project and predict future behavior of people requires the application of sound and sophisticated quantitative tools and techniques. Perhaps more importantly, it requires an understanding of your business situation and information needs - What decisions do you need to make to achieve your organizational and marketing objectives?

Behavioral Insights specializes in the design, development, and implementation of quantitative Marketing Research studies. We are experienced in both consumer and business-to-business research and recognize the differences inherent in each application. We pride ourselves on customizing each research study to the unique business context to deliver the information needs for our clients.


Applications of Specialization

Buyer Behavior
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Marketplace Segmentation
Brand Image and Awareness
Product Development and Product Potential

Behavioral Insights utilizes the most innovative methods and techniques to get at the core marketing issue. We also have a strong, well-established global network of
companies to assist you with your
international marketing research needs.

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